Supporting initiatives and studies which are focused on climate action, mitigation and adaptation to promote the adoption of digital solutions to climate change, raise awareness amongst Malaysians and contribute to the national climate action agenda.

Reforestation Sponsorship
Axiata Foundation x Yayasan Hijau Malaysia x EDOTCO Group

Aims to support the Malaysian Government’s Greening Malaysia 100 million Tree Planting Campaign as a means toward preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

As part of our first reforestation initiative with Yayasan Hijau Malaysia and EDOTCO Group, a total of 3,400 saplings has been planted across four forest reserves in Peninsular Malaysia.

Tree planting and reforestation on a large scale help grow vital carbon sinks and preserve biodiversity, combating climate change in the long run.

Mangrove Conservation
Experience Project

Aims to promote and spread awareness of wetland conservation while undertaking mangrove tree replanting efforts.

In collaboration with the Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society (SWCS), we educated 260 secondary and university students on environmental conservation. This is part of our joint effort to restore degraded mangrove habitats, promote biodiversity and protect coastal communities from natural disasters.

Looking forward, we aim to plant 6000 mangrove saplings in Sabah, with 5000 in Sulaman Lake Forest Reserve, Tuaran. The remaining 1000 - of which we have already planted 450 - would be located in the Kota Kinabalu Wetlands. To date, 1850 mangrove saplings have been planted.

Climate Change Awareness through Development & Promotion of Captain EEklim App

Raising awareness on climate change issues among children through a game application and roadshows.

Supported by Axiata Foundation, the Sabah Environment Protection Department released the Kapten EEklim family game on Google Play Store in August 2022. Joining Kapten EEklim as cadets, players complete missions to save the planet from global warming while learning about phenomena such as forest fires and oil spills, their disastrous consequences on the environment, and how they can do their part to help in the real world. In tandem with the game, climate roadshows are in the pipeline to raise further awareness on climate change, covering five primary schools in Sabah in August 2023.

By involving children in the fight against climate change, we hope they become more invested in taking responsibility for their actions and making environmentally conscious decisions, ultimately inspiring their peers to take action and protect the planet from further disaster.

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