Jalinan Kasih Budi

Upskilling our Group-wide employees through training courses to deliver disaster, emergency and humanitarian relief to at-risk communities and enable them to give back to society.

Jalinan Kasih Budi × Malaysian Relief Agency: Mabul Island

Aims at improving the quality of life for the Pulau Mabul community in Semporna, Sabah, through basic medical check-ups and community engagements.

This 3D2N initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA), and supported by AxiataCares volunteers who assisted in the implementation of the three-pronged community engagement programme.

The initiative supported the creation of a sustainable future for the Pulau Mabul community by promoting healthcare and community development.

Axiata Foundation x Malaysian Relief Agency: Training for AxiataCares Volunteers

Empowers AxiataCares volunteers (ACV) by building on their talents, skills and motivations, while simultaneously promoting and encouraging volunteerism among Axiata employees and the general public.

From July to December 2022, five training sessions on disaster, emergency and humanitarian relief were held with 105 ACVs, covering topics such as basic sign language, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), tautan kasih, basic life support and disaster preparedness. The training, conducted by the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA), had a significant impact on the ACVs, with 20 volunteers who dedicated more than 10 hours of their time receiving Best Volunteers Awards.

As we continue to train more ACVs and expand our knowledge base in this crucial intervention area, we hope to continue encouraging more individuals to engage in volunteerism, thereby making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Jalinan Kasih Budi x Malaysian Relief Agency: Flood Relief Project

Provides emergency aid to flood-affected individuals and families, as well as post-flood assistance, to alleviate their immediate struggles and help them navigate through challenging times.

In response to the devastating floods in Hulu Dungun, Terengganu, and Jeli, Kelantan, in March 2022, Axiata Foundation and the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) distributed 300 food packs, 400 survival kits and 100 hygiene kits to selected families that were displaced. A total of 3,600 beneficiaries benefited from this.

By standing by to support flood victims and offer assistance - in the form of provisions, essential items and personal care products - we aim to contribute to their long-term recovery and help them regain stability in their lives.

Jalinan Kasih Budi x MERCY: Continuous Humanitarian Development Nexus Talk

Enhances awareness and understanding of the Humanitarian Development Nexus (HDN) agenda among our employees and NGO partners, especially regarding cross-sector collaboration, to bolster humanitarian aid and relief efforts.

In November 2022, we conducted a one-hour session on HDN, led by MERCY Malaysia’s Executive Director, Pn. Shareen Shariza Dato’ Abdul Ghani. The talk provided 100 Axiata staff and our NGO colleagues with insights into contemporary and significant trends within the humanitarian-developmental sector that can be leveraged to better respond to both immediate needs and systemic causes of vulnerabilities faced by crisis-hit communities.

In transforming short-term humanitarian responses into more meaningful, longer-term development solutions, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the lives of affected communities and contribute to sustainable development.

Jalinan Kasih Budi x MERCY: WASH Programme (Kampung Long Tuyo & Kg Ruan Tekubung, Lawas, Sarawak)

Jalinan Kasih Budi x MERCY: WASH Programme (Kampung Long Tuyo & Kg Ruan Tekubung, Lawas, Sarawak)

Enhances access to sustainable, safe and clean water for targeted poor and vulnerable communities to improve their overall health.

By providing and instilling sustainable, long-lasting WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) practices among poor, rural and underdeveloped communities, we aim to reduce water and sanitation-related diseases. This ongoing hygiene education initiative is expected to benefit 500 villagers in Kampung Long Tuyo and Kg Ruan Tekubung, Lawas, Sarawak, upon completion.

By successfully implementing the WASH programme, we hope to see a decrease in the spread of noncommunicable diseases and an improvement in overall community health, while significantly contributing to the socioeconomic status of the target communities.

Jalinan Kasih Budi × Malaysian Relief Agency: Libur Santai with Persatuan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam (PERTIS)

Boosts exposure and awareness about the visually-impaired community, blind culture, and ways to assist them.

In September 2023, we partnered with the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) to offer AxiataCares volunteers (ACV) the opportunity to provide care and immerse themselves in the world of the visually impaired community, through participating in kayaking recreational activities and a blindfold challenge with 31 blind participants from the Islamic Association of Visually Impaired People (PERTIS).

By equipping 22 dedicated ACVs with practical skills and a deeper understanding of how to assist the visually impaired, we hope that this will help them to be more empathetic and sensitive in their future interactions with the community.

Jalinan Kasih Budi × Malaysian Relief Agency: Basic Life Support

Equips volunteers with essential knowledge and skills to help people in critical scenarios, thus empowering them to respond effectively in emergencies, potentially saving lives in their communities.

Through our partnership with the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA), 66 passionate AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) are provided with training in CPR skills and received certificates of completion certified by a CPR trainer, meaning that they can contribute to helping those in a critical situation.

By supporting passionate ACVs with lifesaving skills, we hope to create a network of trained and ready volunteers who can make a difference when it matters most, strengthening the resilience and well-being of our communities.

Jalinan Kasih Budi × MERCY: Outreach Clinics

Provides free essential medical services in rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak to bridge the gap in accessibility to healthcare services for the communities living there.

In September and December 2022, in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia, two healthcare outreach initiatives were held in Kg. Maidan, Paitan and Kg. Paka Ulu Sugut,Ranau. A total of 500 villagers received free basic medical screenings and treatments, dental treatments, pap smear tests, breast examinations, eye-checks and hygiene kits.

By providing these essential medical services in rural areas, and at no cost, we strive to make a significant impact on the lives of rural communities, ensuring that they have access to the essential healthcare services that they deserve.

Axiata Volun-tastic Day: Basic Sign Language & Treasure Hunt with the Hearing-Impaired Community

Equips AxiataCares Volunteers (ACVs) with basic sign language skills that can help them communicate with the hearing-impaired community and appreciate their culture.

On 9th September 2023, passionate ACVs learned basic sign language and participated in interactive communication through a fun treasure hunt activity by Axiata Foundation and the Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA).

We hope that this eye-opening experience helps them develop greater empathy and empowerment for the hearing-impaired community, thus inspiring and enabling them to further contribute to the well-being of the community.

Axiata Volun-tastic Day × Small Changes: Tuai Kasih Virtual Learning

Empowers young orphans with improved skills and knowledge, fostering a sense of social responsibility, while also providing volunteers with personal growth and a stronger sense of community and mutual support.

On 9th September 2023, with preparation and guidance from the Small Changes team,11 AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) taught 20 orphans from Rumah Raudhatul Al-Faeez via Zoom on English comprehension, social awareness, internet safety and digital literacy.

With this virtual volunteering activity, we hope to inspire the orphans to learn and grow, and to spread the spirit of volunteerism among Axiata employees as well as the public.

Axiata Volun-tastic Day × Saora × EDOTCO: Seeds of Unity

Empowers the Orang Asli Community in Kg. Sungai Kepong, Bentong, Pahang with solar streetlights and more, while simultaneously promoting volunteerism among Axiata employees.

On 9th September 2023, as part of Axiata Volun-tastic Day, passionate AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) stepped up to make a difference by helping the Orang Asli Community at Kg. Sungai Kepong to install solar streetlights and more.

Through this day of kindness, learning, and fun, we strive to improve access to a better life, a brighter future, and a stronger community.

Axiata Volun-tastic Day × TrEES × Yayasan Bursa Malaysia: Building Resilience of Orang Asli at Carey Island & Protecting the Natural Environment Supporting Them

Protects and nurtures the natural environment on Carey Island, the source of life for the Orang Asli community, while assisting the Orang Asli in agriculture, helping them to build resilience and self-reliance.

On 9th September 2023, as part of Axiata Volun-tastic Day, AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) joined hands with Treat Every Environment Special Sdn. Bhd (TrEES) and Yayasan Bursa Malaysia to assist the Orang Asli on Carey Island in planting 310 coconut saplings in their farm at Kg. Orang Asli Sungai Bumbun and 210 mangrove saplings at the Kg. Melayu jetty area, symbolising our commitment to protecting the natural environment of Carey Island.

By empowering the Orang Asli to sustain their livelihood and culture, we hope to inspire others to join us in preserving the environment and supporting the indigenous communities.

Axiata Volun-tastic Day × MIASA: Outreach Programme with the B40 group & Homeless Folks

Shows compassion and respect to homeless individuals who often feel invisible and forgotten.

On 9th September 2023, as part of Axiata Volun-tastic Day, Axiata Group Berhad employees volunteered with Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (MIASA) Malaysia to offer warmth, assistance, and mental health support to the homeless community.

By empathising with the hopes and challenges of the homeless community and learning how to empower them to build a better life, we aim to brighten their day and contribute a sense of dignity.

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