Jalinan Kasih Bakti

Providing underserved communities - including the B40 urban and rural poor, single mothers, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and orphans - with basic essential needs, digital connectivity, and upskilling and reskilling training.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x YouthCare Malaysia Zooplorace + Cuci-cuci

Aims to enable a more conducive learning environment for refugee children and promote their holistic development.

In collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Zooplorance and Cuci-cuci, children and teachers from the Somali Refugee Community Centre (SRCC) were brought to Zoo Negara to learn about animal protection and take part in outdoor activities. The initiative also saw the SRCC being revitalised by AxiataCares Volunteers and myProdigy participants from YouthCare Malaysia through the renovation and refurbishment of the SRCC facilities.

This initiative enabled the volunteers and participants to develop empathy and understanding towards the challenges faced by refugees, and contribute to their well-being.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x YouthCare Malaysia Sarawak Kamek Datang

Aims to revive the facilities and rekindle the community centre for the Bidayuh community in Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing, Kota Padawan, Sarawak by addressing issues of cleanliness and sanitation.

This initiative, in collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Sarawak Kamek Datang, saw AxiataCare Volunteers cleaning up the vicinity of the local mosque - an important gathering space for the community - as well as nearby riverbanks.

The involvement of local community members and volunteers not only helped to address the immediate cleanliness issues but also encouraged community ownership and participation in the upkeep of the facilities.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x YouthCare Malaysia Mu Wak Gapo Abe

Aims to clean and revamp Kampung Baru, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and support B40 households.

In collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Mu Wak Gapo Abe, a clean-up drive was held, bringing together volunteers from the organising groups. In tandem with this, care packages and school kits were distributed to more than 50 families from low-income families.

The initiative has had positive impacts on the community by improving the physical appearance of the village and providing much-needed support to those in need.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x Purple Lily: Wanita Maju Bersama

Aims to educate and empower underprivileged women through knowledge-sharing on mental and physical health, and digital finance.

This initiative, in collaboration with Purple Lily, gives an essential leg up to B40 women and single mothers in two ways - by giving them the tools to take care of their health and be resilient in tough times, and training them in digital finance so they can be entrepreneurs and earn a living on their own terms.

Through engaging workshops and team-building activities, we hope to enhance the well-being of these women and their families, leading to improved livelihood means and opportunities for them.

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