Jalinan Kasih Bakti

Providing underserved communities - including the B40 urban and rural poor, single mothers, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and orphans - with basic essential needs, digital connectivity, and upskilling and reskilling training.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × YouthCare Malaysia: Zooplorace + Cuci-cuci

Aims to enable a more conducive learning environment for refugee children and promote their holistic development.

In collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Zooplorance and Cuci-cuci, children and teachers from the Somali Refugee Community Centre (SRCC) were brought to Zoo Negara to learn about animal protection and take part in outdoor activities. The initiative also saw the SRCC being revitalised by AxiataCares Volunteers and myProdigy participants from YouthCare Malaysia through the renovation and refurbishment of the SRCC facilities.

This initiative enabled the volunteers and participants to develop empathy and understanding towards the challenges faced by refugees, and contribute to their well-being.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × YouthCare Malaysia: Sarawak Kamek Datang

Aims to revive the facilities and rekindle the community centre for the Bidayuh community in Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing, Kota Padawan, Sarawak by addressing issues of cleanliness and sanitation.

This initiative, in collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Sarawak Kamek Datang, saw AxiataCare Volunteers cleaning up the vicinity of the local mosque - an important gathering space for the community - as well as nearby riverbanks.

The involvement of local community members and volunteers not only helped to address the immediate cleanliness issues but also encouraged community ownership and participation in the upkeep of the facilities.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x YouthCare Malaysia: Mu Wak Gapo Abe

Aims to clean and revamp Kampung Baru, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and support B40 households.

In collaboration with YouthCare Malaysia Mu Wak Gapo Abe, a clean-up drive was held, bringing together volunteers from the organising groups. In tandem with this, care packages and school kits were distributed to more than 50 families from low-income families.

The initiative has had positive impacts on the community by improving the physical appearance of the village and providing much-needed support to those in need.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti x Purple Lily: Wanita Maju Bersama

Aims to educate and empower underprivileged women through knowledge-sharing on mental and physical health, and digital finance.

This initiative, in collaboration with Purple Lily, gives an essential leg up to B40 women and single mothers in two ways - by giving them the tools to take care of their health and be resilient in tough times, and training them in digital finance so they can be entrepreneurs and earn a living on their own terms.

Through engaging workshops and team-building activities, we hope to enhance the well-being of these women and their families, leading to improved livelihood means and opportunities for them.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Boost: B40 Food Aid

Provides digital monetary assistance to the underprivileged, supporting the Zero Hunger initiative while promoting digital inclusivity via the Boost app.

From October 2022 to February 2023, our initiative in collaboration with Boost provided RM100 per month in digital cash to 600 underprivileged families, impacting 2,400 individuals within Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan.

We hope that this initiative will not only help underprivileged families fight hunger, but also empower them with digital skills and safer cash transactions that enable access to more opportunities, resources, and support, making a lasting positive difference in their lives.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × MIASA: Program Santai Minda Sihat

Boosts the mental and physical well-being of the homeless and B40 communities, while linking them to support services that can address their challenges and foster a sense of social inclusion.

From September 2023 to August 2024, we partner with MIASA to conduct a monthly outreach programme that supports the homeless and B40 communities with mental health screenings, regular check-ups, and access to social support services, as well as care packages and groceries for the homeless community.

Through this programme, 30 committed AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) showed how volunteering can make a meaningful impact on communities, inspiring more to turn passion into action.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Small Changes: Tuai Kasih

Empowers underprivileged students with essential digital literacy skills while fostering social awareness and responsibility in the online space.

In March and April 2023, we partnered with Small Changes Malaysia to teach digital skills to 67 B40 students and orphans from Asrama Bahagia Rumah Sentuhan Budi and Rumah Raudhatul Al- Faeez, with topics such as social awareness, good internet use, and creative content making.

By equipping the students for the digital world, we hope to expand their possibilities and opportunities for a brighter future.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Small Changes: Project Beanstalk

Empowers orphans with confidence, English language skills, and practical business skills, while encouraging collaborative learning and aiming for holistic development.

In July 2023, we worked with Small Changes Malaysia to empower 38 orphans from two homes with enhanced learning, confidence, and English skills. A highlight was during a night market, where the orphans learned to sell devices as well as profit and loss calculations.

By providing the orphans with tools to face challenges in their future endeavours, we aspire to help them build a bright future for themselves and inspire others with their success.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Small Changes: Seeds of Deeds Flagship Project

Empowers youths with essential life skills, contributing to their personal and professional development with customized learning modules to ensure more effective and targeted learning experiences.

In August 2023, we worked with Small Changes Malaysia to support 90 B40 students and orphans with self-development modules for different ages. During the programme, our beneficiaries enthusiastically took part in discussions, workshops, and smartphone-based learning.

By fostering the personal growth and development of the beneficiaries, we hope that they can pursue their dreams with confidence and become inspiring role models for their communities.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Small Changes: Operation Balajalan Abagas

Empowers B40 students with essential qualities and skills to improve their future employability, with a specific focus on leadership abilities.

Delivered in collaboration with Small Changes Malaysia, the programme takes a holistic approach to human development, focusing on enhancing students’ English language proficiency and developing soft attributes in line with the Positive Youth Development (PYD) core themes – character, compassion, connection, confidence and competence. Students are also encouraged to give back to the Sabahan community, thereby driving service-based learning.

From 1st to 3rd September, 40 B40 students from 3 schools in Sabah took part in the programme, gaining a strong foundation in the essential qualities they will need to excel in their continuing education and future careers.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Women of Will (WoW): Empowering B40 Women Entrepreneurs

Provides B40 women entrepreneurs with resources they need, thus empowering them to scale up their businesses and improve their income and business sustainability.

Through this two-year programme, 20 enterprising women from PPR Naga Sari, a low-cost housing area in Kepala Batas, Kedah, took advantage of a pilot project that provides training on essential entrepreneurship and product development skills, coaching, as well as interest-free business capital.

By equipping them to grow their business, we aim to empower greater self-sufficiency, thus paving the way towards a more equal, vibrant, and entrepreneurial society.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × Small Changes Malaysia: Seeds of Deeds Girls Day Out!

Equips girls with knowledge and skills that will help them overcome challenges, boost their communication confidence, and safeguard their dignity as well as well-being.

In May 2023, 72 female high school students joined a fun and transformative 4-day-3-night camp, where they learned about women empowerment, personal development, emotional intelligence, sexual harassment awareness, and English proficiency through modules designed by volunteers from Small Changes.

By empowering young women through education, we aim to help them secure the chance to flourish, follow their dreams, and advocate for themselves and others.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × YouthCare Malaysia: Hangpa Bila Nak Mai

Brings joy and hope to 305 hospital patients by providing material needs, volunteering time and service, and painting colourful murals that uplift their spirits.

In December 2022, 10 AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV), together with myProdigy participants from YouthCare Malaysia, visited Hospital Baling, Kedah. They gave care packages to new mothers and babies, donated toys, books, laptops, and printers, took part in interactive activities for special needs children focusing on communication, critical thinking and fun play, and painted murals in the playground and paediatric wards.

Through these acts of kindness, we hope to spread joy and compassion to the hospital patients and staff and inspire a culture of volunteerism among our ACVs.

Jalinan Kasih Bakti × YouthCare Malaysia: Apo Kono Eh Jang

Transforms the lives of marginalised communities by equipping them with English-language skills that will unlock their potential, as well as providing them with essential resources and support to create a better neighbourhood environment.

In January 2023, 250 Temuan Tribe Orang Asli and 47 B40 individuals in Kg. Orang Asli Ulu Chembong, Rembau obtained food, school kits and care packages to support their well-being and goals. Seven dedicated AxiataCares volunteers and myProdigy participants from YouthCare Malaysia also assisted them in roof replacement and in cleaning up the balai raya and the neighbourhood compound, while equipping the local youths with English skills for more opportunities through an interactive learning session.

Through equipping the Orang Asli and B40 communities with what they need, we strive to empower them in creating a better life for themselves, their families, and their community.

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